All you need to know about Cheese Mousso

What is Cheese Mousso?

Cheese Mousso is a living digital art. It is a collection of 1,000 unique digital portraits (ERC-721) on Ethereum Blockchain. By holding the artwork, you accumulate the Cheese token daily for six months, which you can use to buy another NFT. For each NFT the holder can buy only one new NFT with the same attributes but has a border, which means a potential of 2000 total NFTs. There are Four types of Cheese mousso NFTs Classic (500 NFTs), Chef (250 NFTs) Devil (200 NFTs) and Moon (50 NFTs). You can View all the NFTs in the 'Gallery' section.

What is the mining rate?

The mining rates are as follows:

1- Each classic NFT gives 5 Chesse everyday for 6 months and after that the mining is finished.

*Total mining for 6 months is: 5(cheese) x 180(days) = 900 Cheese.

2- Each chef NFT gives 10 Chesse everyday for 6 months and after that the mining is finished.

*Total mining for 6 months is: 10(cheese) x 180(days) = 1,800 Cheese.

3- Each devil NFT gives 13 Chesse everyday for 6 months and after that the mining is finished.

*Total mining for 6 months is: 13(cheese) x 180(days) = 2340 Cheese.

4- Each moon NFT gives 50 Chesse everyday for 6 months and after that the mining is finished.

*Total mining for 6 months is: 50(cheese) x 180(days) = 9,000 Cheese.

What does this Cheese Token do for me?

There are a total of 4,000,000 Cheese Tokens. 1,818,000 Cheese Tokens are kept inside the Contract for the Miners. The 2,182,000 Cheese Tokens will be added to UNISWAP so the community can invest by purchasing the Tokens.

You can use the Cheese Token you got from mining to buy a second-upgraded version of your NFT with the same NFT you selected from our "SHOP" section. However, each NFT can get only one second-upgraded version of it. So if it was used before you cannot use it again to buy another second-upgraded version.


What are these second-upgraded version of the NFT?

There are 4 types of upgrades you can buy Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond.

Why would the community invest in Cheese Tokens?

We will give you one example, imagine that someone with a Classic NFT and wants to get the second-upgraded version of his NFT but Diamond. That will cost him 9000 Cheese. However, he will only get a total of 900 Cheese after 180 days, or 6 months. So, he might want to purchase some Cheese from UNISWAP. Thus, those who purchase Cheese Early will benefit from the price increase of the NFT holders.

How to buy Cheese Mousso?

Visit the Cheese Mousso Factory on OpenSea and choose one of the boxes to purchase. Then you will get your Cheese Mousso NFT to your wallet. Then you can sell it on OpenSea or keep it to mine your Cheese Tokens and get the second-upgraded version of it.

How to Claim my Cheese Token from mining?

1- You should have at least one cheese mousso NFT.

"Get your's on OpenSea before all of them are sold."

2- Connect your wallet that has the Cheese mousso in it

"Make sure you connect the right wallet."

3- Go to the "My Wallet" section

"There you will find all your Cheese mousso NFT's and the total cheese you can claim at this moment."

4- Press the Claim Button to claim all your Cheese. You can add the Cheese token to Metamask pressing "add cheese token to your wallet".

"NOTE: you will need to pay the transaction fee when claiming the Cheese Tokens."

Our team

We are a group of 4 hardworking people that aim to create an entraining environment. We are all about NFT, crypto, video games and we love digital art as we are trying to improve every day. Moreover, our team has a programmer, artists, and marketing individual. We have experience in web designing, programming, digital drawing, and marketing. Our goal is to create our community through NFT and increase our reputation to be known to the world.

Cheese Token contract address: 0xf6e7b749dca650f3a8eaddccbf4ed4ae1f580ff5

Cheese Mousso (NFT) contract address: 0x6c8fd23b63493e74ffa3b4c694b9f3c967d41fcd

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