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How does it work?

When a player joins the game, it will automatically place him on one of the teams. It is either team A or B, so on what it depends? It depends on which turn it is at this moment of joining. For example, let's say that we have 4 players who want to join the game. Player 1 sends the first transaction to the blockchain, so he will be placed on team A. Next, when player 2 joins he will be placed on team B. So it is team A then B then A then B and so on. Thus, player 3 will be in team A, and player 4 will be in team B.

Okay we know this, who wins now? team B wins in this case. Why? because they are equal to the number of players in team A. It is 2 in team A and 2 in B. Okay, how does team A win then? Easy, when they have more players in their team.

There are only two possibilities in this game, it is either team A has more players than B or B has the same number of players that A has.

So you can ask your friends to join your team and win together. However, you never know there might be someone else joining at the same time and your friend could be placed in the other team. Remember it depends on whose team turn at this moment.

Also, to make it spicy the last 10 mins of the game a Blind Mode is going to be activated. Thus, you cannot know how many players there are at this moment. However, you can always check the game history to check who joined and who won, after the game finishes.

How to play?

To play you will only need to pay the fee of joining (0.01 ETH) PLUS the transaction fees. Then all you have to do is to wait for the game to finish and check if you win or lose. You can always go to the "My Profile" section and see all your games and your Status. Also, you can claim your profits from winning games.

The game starts when there are at least two players and then it is a matter of time for the game to finish. The game duration is 1 hour from starting time.

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